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Swallowed By Hole come to you from Lisbon, Portugal, and were idealized in 2007 by brothers Ricardo (drums) and Hugo (guitar) Gervaia from the ashes of a previous project. They decided it was time to create a new sound that came to life when Lourenço “Jiné” (bass) and Gonçalo “Pardalão” (guitar) joined them.
In the beginning of 2008, with already a few songs written, the band felt the need to add a voice to the project and that’s when Isi (vocals) came along. Soon, they recorded a demo version of the song “Puppets of Hate” and where invited to play at the “Hostile Union Fest” with My Deception.
Lourenço “Jiné” left the project due to incompatible attitudes but that strengthened SBH’s willpower to follow their path.
Manteigas (bass) joined and the band gained the consistency and stability necessary to take the next step. New songs were written almost immediately and the band played 2 more shows with Green Grass Riddle and Sordid Sight.
In August 2008, the band starts to record the first EP (due to release in 2009) and recorded a “Live Session” in October 2008 at Estúdio Q, produced by Tiago Abreu. The session had the participation of Rizzo (vocals) from Utopium.


Ricardo Gervaia - Drums

Hugo Gervais - Guitar

Pardalão - Guitar

Manteigas - Bass

Isi - Vocals


"Live Session at Estudio Q" (demo Novembro 2008)




The band – ON A PLAIN - was born in September 2002 with Dani, Vitor, Rita and John (later replaced by Rui). They started the project as “Seeker” and presented themselves in numerous concerts, festivals and competitions. The good receptivity of these gigs projected them to the main stage as guests of some of the biggest national bands and musicians, such as Pedro Abrunhosa, Xutos e Pontapés and Fingertips – also from Viseu.

Gabriel, Sales and Ana teamed up with the band in 2006, and so they decided to change the name of the band. ON A PLAIN was now born. The band consolidated its music and in March 2007 recorded their debut EP, "Special". The four tracks were recorded in the “Metro Music” Studios, with Hélder Matos as a producer.

The good receptivity by the critics and the public, led to the production of the video for their most successful track. The single "Little Child" was produced by “Takemedia” and was conceived by all of the band members. The band also won the award for Best New Act, by the “Animarte” magazine.

The rise of ON A PLAIN led to the release of their first record in October 2008, with Rewind Music. "READ MY LIPS" presents the best work of this rock band and adds a series of technological innovations in its design and presentation to the public. This record has a multimedia track with photos, music and lyrics, video clips and the ON THE PLAIN biography. You can also access to other contents by introducing a secret password that is hidden on the multimedia aplication.


Ana - Vocals

Dani - Guitar

Gabriel - Guitar

Rui - Bass

Sales - Drums


"Read My Lips"



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In Tha Umbra 2007

The cardial Death fucking Metal Art entity In Tha Umbra was spawn year 1996 in Algarve, Portugal. In Tha Umbra comprises of BKD. - guitarz and vocalz, Bruno Miguel Bernardo - guitarz and clean vocalz, João Marques - drumz et cymbalz, and has three full lenght albums; "Descend Supreme Sunset" [ 1998 Art Music ], "Midnight In The Garden Of Hell" [ 2000 Hibernia ] and "Nigrium Nigrius Nigro" [ 2005 Agonia ].

The sound of In Tha Umbra is an obscure Death Metal that sometimes reaches the borders of Black Metal, altough limitations get flaw, as In Tha Umbra also has in it's sound references to 70's progressive rock, traditional Heavy Metal or Thrash Metal. In a sense of equilibrium, In Tha Umbra manages to create a sound of it's own that gets to be both agressive and calm, technical and simple, sophisticated and raw - 666% Death fucking Metal!!!

Here in this "myspace" page you can listen to a couple of samples from the upcoming album "Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings Like An Eagle And Soar The Winds Of Chaos" to be released by Agonia Records in May 16th, "The Horrent Damaskt" from 2005 album "Nigrium Nigrius Nigro", "Crescent" from 2000 album "Midnight In The Garden Of Hell" and "Like Ravens 'neath Nightskies" from 1998's album "Descend Supreme Sunset"!!!


João Marques - Drums

Bruno M. Bernardo - Guitars/Vocals

BKD. - Guitars/Vocals

Calhau - Bazz and additional Guitarz in the upcoming album

Ruben - Live session bass


"Descend Supreme Sunset"

"The Goatblöd 666"

"Midnight In The Garden Of Hell"


" N i g r i u m N i g r i u s N i g r o "





Two years ago, 4 kids (Nuno-vocals, Gonçalo-drums, Dani-bass, Renato-guitar) started a band, maybe because their lifes were just too boring and their minds needed some distraction. Soon the will to create something that would not sound like an ordinary garage band stood up to be the primary goal. Described by a friend as King Crimson on steroids, the sound reveals a chaotic vision constructed and ordered in a progressive way, which turns each song into an endless journey of different scenarios. Monogonos main influences are King Crimson, Meshuggah. Amuk, the debut album, was recorded in The Edge studios (Aires, Portugal), produced by Alessandro Devillart, Duarte Carvalho, Ivo Conceição and assisted by Vitor Guerreiro. Amuk is the first open window into the world of Monogono, yet just a glimpse of what the future may bring.


Renato - guitar

Dani - bass

Nuno - vocals

Gonçalo - drums

Sandro - keyboards/percussion/backing vocals






- The Early Daze -

It all begun with Luis Goulão. As a youngster, he used to dream with having a metal band and playing all around the world. Bands like IRON MAIDEN and W.A.S.P. turn on his passion for playing guitar. And so it begun in 1991. After some bands, and a 2 year period aside from the metal world, Luis decided to come back and finally formed the project of his life SHADOWSPHERE. Along with some friends the project gained wings to fly. Hugo (guitar), Fernando (bass) and Nuno (drums) were the first line-up to meet up with Luis (guitar & vocals) back in October 2000. Mainly influenced by Thrash Metal from the 80s, Swedish Death Metal and some traditional Metal, SHADOWSPHERE arrived!!!!

- What Dreams May Come -

Andre Silva replaced Nuno in early 2000. This was the formation that recorded the track Lusitania included in the tribute to Tarantula 20 years career released in 2001 by Recital. During the year of 2001, the band performs some concerts and prepares the edition of a promo-CD to be released by the end of that year. In the meantime, in September, Fernando is replaced by Pedro Vieira, and immediately the band records a set of 4 tracks to be released under the name of Death and Dreaming, in October. These tracks were recorded in the Floyd Studios under the guidance and production of Nuno Loureiro (Painstruck), who had already produced the Tarantula track in the same studio. In spite of the very positive reviews, the band decides to delay the edition of Death and Dreaming.

By June 2002, Paulo Goncalves replaces Luis only in the lead vocals. Although this was regarded as a breath of fresh air to the sound of the band, Paulos entry did not set aside the stigma of change and Pedro is replaced in September by Rui Neves. With the formation properly reviewed, the band then decides to record another song and edit the opening EP Death and Dreaming. Once again they record in the Floyd Studios with Nuno Loureiro and the release takes place on October 26th in FNAC Chiado, Lisbon, in front of over 100 people (an almost unheard-of feat in Forum Chiado...).

One year later, the band suffers another line-up change and the band had to quickly recruit another guitarist, Filipe Sousa, to replace Hugo Fernandes. Still the band decides to enter the Floyd Estudios as a quartet, in September 2003, in order to record their first album, entitled DarkLands. The production was once again in charge of Nuno Loureiro and the release was in January 2004.

Due to DarkLands, the band started a series of gigs of promotion, which lead them to about 40 gigs in 2004/2005 supporting Moonspell, Desire, Temple, Icon The Black Roses, ThanatoSchizo, Decapitated, Primordial, Nightrage, etc Reviews from all over the world compared SHADOWSPHERE to the talents of SOILWORK, AT THE GATES and IN FLAMES.

And then came the time for another release. Joining Nuno Loureiro in October 2005, the guys recorded the forthcoming work and had it mixed and mastered in Sweden by Dan Swano, who did a great work, helping the creation of SHADOWSPHERE..s own sound. And so, after a few delays, Hellbound Heart saw the light of day in May 23rd 2006. A short time after, Filipe leaves the band. The Shadows started the Hellbound Tour 2006 opening for DISMEMBER, playing all around Portugal, and ending the tour opening for MALEVOLENT CREATION and ROTTING CHRIST. A short time after, Andre leaves the band.

By now, SHADOWSPHERE are rehearsing with the new drummer to be, and preaparing to start composing the new album due to release somewhere around 2009.


Luis Goulão - Guitar

Nuno Loureiro - Guitar

Paulo Gonçalves - Lead Vocals

Rui Neves - Bass







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Painstruck was born in August of 1997. Arising from a very assorted musical scene, the band played under the name of Breed-Machine until changing completely their musical structure. As founding members were Nuno Loureiro (Lead Guitar and Vocals) , Paulo Lafaia (Drums). The Band is now complete with Raul Vicente (Bass) and João Silva (Guitar). They immediately started working in a group of songs that would succeed in describing ideals and emotions. Played some gigs, and in the last two weeks of December the first, homonym and single demo-tape ever was recorded, released in 1998 and produced by Nuno Loureiro, in Painstruck..s rehearsal room. 1999 started very well. various gigs took place and at one point in April, was the time for "Aggressive Ways to Pacify" to take form through the hands of Luis Barros in his Rec'N'Roll studios. Then came the signing of a record deal with Portuguese Paranoid Records. "Aggressive ways to pacify" was , of course, the first, and the launch party achieved epic proportions when the band played a set of two-and-a-half hours of their own originals plus twenty-one metal classics from Cannibal Corpse, Wasp, C.O.C., Pantera, Crowbar, Black Sabbath, etc... and inviting several other guests to perform alongside of them. All of this was a first in Portuguese lands! They toured Portugal extensively. While doing it also managed to play in Vigo (Spain) and an amazing two date set with the Biohazard! On the summer of 2002 an invitation was received to play on Portugal's heaviest summer festival, Ermal, in the same day as names like Slipknot and Dimmu Borgir, John Spencer blues explosion,, etc. That year, the album recorded sales in Portugal that toped all other Portuguese bands At the time, the second album which was produced on Floyd Studios in Lisbon by Nuno Loureiro in March of 2002, was already finished to be released in October. "A Whole new perception" was out one year from the release of the first CD, and it wasn't easy for the band with a busy schedule to write it. But it came out with all the ideas in place, powerful, aggressive and bursting with emotion. Painstruck..s masterpiece to aggression. And what better way to show everyone the well oiled engine Painstruck is than a two night set with Stone Sour! A friend of the band captured the scenes and compiled the footage in a video for “In us you live”. The video played on through an entire year in “Sol Musica” TV station. They also had the honour to be the first band to be invited to the 2003 and 2005's Ermal edition with the likes of Morbid Angel, Entombed Clawfinger, Unleashed, etc.. Also managed to play as support act for Born From Pain. Since the Band’s fans are their prime concern, on the 25th of December 2004 a new single “Foaming at the mouth” was put on the Band’s site www.Painstruck.net for download. Of course, this single is a preview for an upcoming album. The “Foaming at the mouth tour” 30 shows took the Portuguese fury to a new height of expectation, also landing a three videos shoot for SMS tv show aired in Portuguese television. During the course of 2005 and along the several concerts the Band has tested a group of news songs and the response was beyond expectation! Early in 2006 Painstruck opened for metal giants Testament to a packed audience having mega reviews from fans and media alike. After that, headlined two big “Altatensão” festivals. The new “The Scalpel E.P.”, released on the 23rd of June was the Bands return to the releases and set the pace for the new album soon to follow. The E.P. is also a tribute to the fans, old and new, that have supported Painstruck throughout the years and keep going strong. It is filled with exclusive content as well as the Bands site. The Band is already recording the much anticipated third Album, meanwhile an opening slot supporting Sepultura lent a great opening for the year 2007. Napalm Death on the 9th of May was also a great surprise, but the icing on the cake was a 5 day mini tour supporting Germany..s Caliban and Finish friends Omnium Gatherum bettween the 6th and 10th of June. In December of 2007 the current myspace page became the only official page and is already full of exclusive content, just check the never before released versions of Pantera's "Strength beyond strength" and of the video "Tons of chances" taken from the album "A whole new perception". Also, the Band begun posting the hundreds of pictures taken by friends, coleagues and fans they encounter on the road and are so kind to e-mail the pictures taken. With so much going on it proved dificult to complete the albums recordings in 2007, so the release date was pushed back to 2008. "Hell's wrath in God's fury" is being recorded in In/Out studios Portugal. Stay tuned on this well oiled machine, every show is a celebration and a credit to Metal.


Nuno Loureiro - Guitar/Vocals

Paulo Lafaia - Drums

Raul Vicente - Bass

João Silva - Guitar





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The Wood Trinity in 2008

Heavenwood was originally formed as a death metal band under the monicker Disgorged in 1992. In 1995 tragedy struck the band as their current bass player committed suicide. They signed a record deal with the German label Massacre Records and their name changed to Heavenwood and released two albums.

"Diva" was promoted with two European tours, the first in the end of 1996 with Atrocity and In Flames and the second one in the spring of 1997 together with Theatre Of Tragedy and Lake Of Tears. They also played with bands such as Cradle Of Filth and Moonspell between others in their home country. In 1997 DIVA was released in the Japanese market through MARQUEE BELLE EPOQUE Records with some extras.

Their second album "Swallow" released in 1998 features guest appearances from Theatre Of Tragedy's female vocalist Liv Kristine and Gamma Ray's mastermind Kai Hansen. 1998 was the year for the first Portugese Metal act on the famous WACKEN OPEN AIR FESTIVAL playing for a full WET STAGE with fans from all over the world followed by more European Tours with bands such as Atrocity, Solitude Aeturnus, Saviour Machine and more. HEAVENWOOD would be considered Band sensation in many important Metal Magazines such as METAL HAMMER, ROCK HARD and a 4 in 5 in TERRORIZER Magazine was " a gift " for the Portugese newcomers effort in the music scene.

Heavenwood were frozen from 2001 to 2003 due to some internal problems. After several line-up changes Bruno Silva turned into the second Guitar-player. October 2003 was the Official Return Show for HEAVENWOOD on the most important Live Rock Club in Portugal with a fullhouse night where almost 1000 people received the band with open harms followed by many gigs in Portugal and Spain.

HEAVENWOOD 3rd album was frozen regarding a more dark-rock influence crashing with the interests of their label.

February 2007 was the year choosen by Ricardo Dias, Bruno Silva and Ernesto Guerra to record some preview songs. Take my hand, Fragile, From dust to dust, Red Harvest, The sun burns red, Forthcoming hate, Slumber, Abyss masterpiece, 2012 a.c. were some of the new HEAVENWOOD tracks recorded in Studio 213 as a Advance Promo Cd. HEAVENWOOD played in two Portuguese Fests in 2007 presenting session musicians to complete " The wood legacy " with Luiz Ferreira (drums) and Hugo Pires (bass).

HEAVENWOOD Symbol was developed by Polish artist Wojtek Blasiak who designed MOONSPELL, VADER and many other bands Artwork. JMELLO Design from Brasil is the responsible for the official Myspace from HEAVENWOOD.

HEAVENWOOD has set "Redemption" as the title of its third album, due in September 2008 via Recital Records (label that signed with them a record deal on last December). The group has tapped Jens Bogren (OPETH, SOILWORK, AMON AMARTH) who mixed and mastered the effort on the last April at Fascination Street Studios in Örebro, Sweden. The initial recording sessions for the CD took place at Ultrasound Studios with Daniel Cardoso and Ricardo Dias.

HEAVENWOOD's forthcoming album will feature guest appearances by singer Tijs Vanneste of the Belgian progressive metallers OCEANS OF SADNESS, Firewind's Gus G and the unique Jeff Waters of Annihilator.


Ernesto Guerra - Vocals

Ricardo Dias - Guitar/Vocals

Bruno Silva - Guitar


DIVA ( 1996 )

SWALLOW ( 1998 )








The project is born. One will: to create something unique. The band starts composing some songs and playing all over Portugal. A first "domestic" demo was recorded.
The self-financed EP Melégnia is released. With a different vocalist and bass player, this was a very strange disc that mixed various influences. The international and national press made great critics and, by the end of the year, a Portuguese radio contest (won by Emperor’s Prometheus) considered this EP the ninth best worldwide releases. ThanatoSchizO was placed ahead bands such as Immortal, Dimmu Borgir and Primordial. The Melégnia Tour covered 60 dates, in which ThanatoSchizO played side by side with bands such as Sinister, Asgaroth, Pandemia, Purgatory, Tarantula, Sirius, Clawfinger, Malevolence and Aborted. The band’s performance got wonderful reviews and the strange/theatrical ways and true feeling were widely praised.
The Melégnia Tour proceeded while the band was working hard on the composition
of the first full-length.
schizo level’s release, the first album, through Portuguese label Misdeed Records. A very, very chaotic album that resumes so different areas such as black, death, doom, thrash metal and even progressive rock. The majority of the reviews were very good and this album contains two of the band’s anthems, frequently and heavily requested at live gigs: the ultra dynamic and aggressive Suturn and the very "doomish" peaceful song Nightmares Within. Later this year, the album got the fifth place on a contest by the previously mentioned radio show. The number of fans was clearly growing, especially due to the great live efforts and the huge promotion on the web.
Some gigs to promote the album and a quiet isolation in the rehearsal room, so that the band could create new songs. Signing of the contract with British label Rage of Achilles Records.
Release of the "doomish" InsomniousNightLift album through British Rage of Achilles Records. A very dramatic trip around the epic and progressive music path, which conquered some new fans without abandoning the more aggressive section of the audience. The mixing of different styles gave room to a more simplistic model of death/doom progressive metal. This release was widely praised by international media. Some magazines such as Metal Hammer and Kerrang! rated 4 stars out of 5 possible and, in Portugal, publications like Rock Sound or LOUD! placed this release in the top 3 of the year, as well as mentioning Filipe Miguel (keyboard player) and Miguel Ângelo (bass player) in the top 10 of the best Portuguese musicians of the year. ThanatoSchizO’s intense work created the opportunity to become the support act for Katatonia and Finntroll’s gig in Portugal (Barroselas), in April.
Pre-release of the third album Turbulence through Misdeed Records in Portugal. ThanatoSchizO ascendant popularity lead to another year full of live gigs (including one semi-acoustic performance at Fnac), and the global reaction to the album was very enthusiastic. By listening to this new record, one can perceive the crescent maturity of the group and the intense professional studio production of the album. The year ended with ThanatoSchizO being voted on a reader's poll from the Portuguese magazine LOUD! as the second 2004 best national band (right after the well-known Moonspell) and Turbulence being voted as the best Portuguese album of the year. Moreover, in the journalist’s poll, Turbulence was mentioned by 4/6 of
the members in the 2004 national top 5 and Guilhermino (guitar player)
was elected the third best musician in 2004.

Following the abrupt end of Rage of Achilles, ThanatoSchizO signed a contract deal with Australia's Burning Elf Records for the international release of the Turbulence album. Meanwhile, the band continued the live promotion of that record in Portugal by headlining some gigs, being on the roster of Alta Tensão (itinerant) Festival, organizing the 3rd Liperske Festival and opening for Swedish band Nightrage at Outubro Negro Festival (Lisbon). By the end of the year, the band is back to its lore, focusing on the
composition of new material for an upcoming album.
The group has began the pre-production of five new songs for their as-yet-untitled fourth album, tentatively due next summer. The pre-production recordings will take place at Wagner Studios in Chaves, Portugal (drums) and in the band's own Blind & Lost Studios.
ThanatoSchizO recorded Zoom Code at Rec'n'Roll Studios (Portugal). The masterization process was held by Tommy Newton at Area 51 Studios (Germany). Moreover, the group signed an exclusive deal with Mexican label Sun Empire Productions for the re-released of the first album Schizo Level with a new front cover. The group has also supported Orphaned Land and Samael’s Portuguese tours, thus making a break from the studio sessions in July. In other news, Gauchos de Acero – the Argentinean group aged between 10 and 14 that became famous through YouTube, due to their Sepultura and Iron Maiden covers – made an interesting interpretation of the song Suturn from ThanatoSchizO’s first album Schizo Level.


Paulo Adelino - Drums/Percussion
Filipe Miguel - Sampling/Keyboards
Eduardo Paulo - Vocals/Guitar/Percussion
Guilhermino Martins - Guitar/Sampling/Vocals
Patrícia Rodrigues - Vocals
Miguel Ângelo - Bass


Zoom Code
(My Kingdom Music 2008)
Zoom Code
(Misdeed Records 2004/Burning Elf Records 2007)
(Misdeed Records 2002/Rage of Achilles 2003)
schizo level
(Misdeed Records 2001/Sun Empire Productions 2008)
schizo level schizo level Deluxe Edition
(self-financed EP 1999)




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The current line-up is formed mainly by former members of bands like; Sonic Flower, Downthroat and In Dementia.
The year 2007 was spent mainly on the recordings of the debut ep "slow motion chaos" in Covil studios in Águeda, Portugal.
The production was initially made by Luis Sousa and ensured and subsequently completed by Hugo Pereira.
Finalized the production process, in January 2008 the ep is finally self-released.
The initial line-up had Filipe Van Zeller in the bass and Hugo in synthesizers, passing it to participate only as a guest in studio and Filipe was replaced by Rui Pereira.
The band is currently in the process of promoting the EP and already began operating live from north to south of the country.
The THE LAST OF THEM also received an invitation from the American producer Fearwerx to include the track "New Addiction" in the end credits of the online series "War Of The Dead ZERO"


Vitó - guitar

P.N. - drums

Zé Luís - vocals

Renan - guitar

Rui Pereira - bass


Slow Motion Chaos EP



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Thirteen Degrees To Chaos were formed in 2005, being some of the band members the remains from an early project. After a few line up changes, in 2006 the core of Thirteen Degrees To Chaos was formed, and subsequently their music style changed. In the beginning of 2007 they gave their first show and have been playing since then. They recorded their first Demo in the middle of 2008, which has already been released on-line.


Dores - Vocals
Miguel - Guitar
TS - Guitar
Severo - Bass
Cláudio - Drums


DEMO CD 2008